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  Pole-type Metal Detector
  Classic I | Classic II | Classic III | Classic ID
DFX™ Spectrum® | XLT® Spectrum® | Surf Pl Metal Detector
Acc : Carrier(bag) | Head-phone | sensor plate

  Classic I

Pole-type metal detector is devided into the following.

- Use for hobby : Generally it is used for the method for searching coin or jewerly in the coast/riverside.

- Use for industry : Detecting a piece of iron from material and lumber or searching underground objects.

Principle and performance of the product is the same.


Generally used detector for the beginers. Easy treatment and low cost.

We sale various pole-type metal detector at affordable price. We issued the warranty also.

If any part of the product proves to be defective, within two years of the date of purchase or receipt, it will be repaired free of charge, or replaced if necessary.

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